Vivek Kaka….

In loving memory of Vivek Kaka… someone who has always been there and will always be there. He passed away on 5th May 2005 at 3.45 PM. He was a best friend to my dad(in the picture in a white kurta) and he meant a lot to me… he meant so much to me that i cannot find words. All i want to say is that he has always been there and will always be there, he has not ceased to exist but has just changed form… smile…he is looking at us from a different camera now!



the waves seem so calm when they are far away… but u feel their rage only as they approach the shore…but yet hearing their angry splashes is such a soothing experience… Posted by Hello

Some Girls

Some girls just don’t give up
Some girls never try,
But I never give up on trying…

Some girls wait for luck to strike,
Some girls do things their way,
I do things my way until luck strikes.

Some girls just seem romantic,
Some girls way too practical,
But I think I am romantically practical.

Some girls are so sane,
And some are just so insane.
But I choose to be sanely insane.

Some girls are way too modern
And some just way too conventional…
Look at me; I am conventionally modern.

Some girls want a prince charming,
Some girls just want a special guy.
Yeah! I am looking for a special prince charming.

I am not like some girls,
And yet I am like some girls.
But I don’t consider myself special.
Because to be ordinary is so very special!