Plain Jane

I don’t have the long pretty hair,

For you to lose yourself in.

And my cheeks aren’t that fair,

That your touch would make them pink.

I don’t have those deep blue eyes,

In which you might want to drown.

I don’t have the long lashes,

To flutter up and down.

I don’t have a sweet, melodious voice,

That might melt your heart away,

I am not even a tender angel,

That in your arms could sway.

All I am is what you see,

And I am no poets dream,

No fairy tale will tell a tale,

Of the plain-Jane that is me.

I have tried hard and now,

I am tired of this game.

To be a muse, to be a woman,

I don’t want to change

Try to love my smile,

And try to love my frowns,

Try to love my crazy hair,

And my cheeks so brown.

Love me for being who I am,

Else it’s not worth the hype,

I’d rather lose your love my man,

Than be a stereotype!



7 Responses

  1. Rocks!

  2. Love your poem… will be viewing your blog more often now… good stuff… great going… keep it up girl 😀 *muah*

  3. niice!

  4. you write really very well…..
    keep it up……
    you are a *tar in all aspects….

  5. Simple yet awsumeeeeeeeeeeeeely crafted…So well thought..Wish i cud had written this

  6. Simple and smart!
    I, especially, loved the end; and it, naturally, brought a smile on my face.

  7. Wont bathe you in too many words of praise. Just one word – Beautiful!

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