If only

There are three things that have driven me to write this post. First the earthquake in China and the rising death toll. Second, the Jaipur blasts. Then I happened to visit my friend Sneha’s blog who wrote about the earthquake (click here for a link to the post I am talking about)

Life can be really unpredictable. We keep procrastinating. We leave phone-calls to friends, visits to grandparents and conversations with the ones we love for tomorrow. We go on thinking what’s there to lose, I’ll do this tomorrow. Until, one day a phone call, a news report or a natural calamity shakes you up. You want to just reach that person, by hook or by crook. Sometimes, there’s uncertainty about their whereabouts, in that case you’ve got hope to cling to. But sometimes, its just a phone call that tells you that there’s going to be no tomorrow.

The words ‘if only’ torment you. You wince in pain, trying to deal with the loss. If only you’d not have procrastinated. The pain would be the same, but at least there would be no regrets. If only…


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  1. if only we do something…

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