Twittering Upto A Revolution

26/11 has changed many people forever. Those who have survived it, those who escaped it and got lucky, those who lost loved ones, those who came face to face with the terrorists, those who were reporting on location and then there were those who monitored the news closely and kept contributing to an online newsfeed with timely news reports, analyses and opinions.

I was on twitter and I sincerely want to thank the community for using this unique medium to create awareness about the situation across the globe. The phenomena brought forth the power of citizen journalism. Of course, it had its pitfalls too. Rumors can spread quickly etc. But then, think about it. Those living abroad and concerned about the situation in Mumbai could constantly keep in touch via this medium.

These twitter feeds were being used by the international media as well for the speed and precision with which it functioned.

Unfortunately, the one thought that hasn’t been letting me rest is that the terrorists’ aides could have been monitoring twitter too. The TV channels couldn’t stop giving out key information about the NSG operations at the three locations, which I am sure was being conveyed to them. The terrorists were equipped with SAT phones and blackberries. Did I unknowingly help those b*stards?

But I think some people on twitter deserve a mention here.

Right from the list of emergency contact numbers to the victim names, Asfaq was constantly mobilising info to help out concerned individuals across the globe. Your contribution is immense. Thank you

He heard a blast like sound in his south-Mumbai residence and immediately put a question on twitter. His tweets on my phone made me realise the magnitude of what happened at 10.30 pm on the night of 26/11; thank you, Gaurav.

Lives abroad, but didn’t lose touch with the city while it withstood the worst terror attacks ever. Used to be a student at my Uni. Thanks for interesting reads you put up, Shriansh.

I don’t know this person, they followed me and I followed them. They’ve been putting up amazing articles that give you an indepth read into the situation.

This person has been speaking of communal harmony and just been supportive of the sentiments of the Mumbaikars. It didn’t matter that they’re far away in LA, US.

He got together with his friends and organised a candle light vigil at Carter Road. Thank you.

These are just a few of them. There are a lot more. These guys make me believe that our country has people who think and will not be scared to run the country if they need to.

At a time where me and billions of Mumbaikars were distraught about the terror struck in their city, seeing these guys constantly putting up info, selflessly, was heart warming. I am glad I could put in my two bits. And as I write, there are about 20 tweets going up under the #mumbai tag every minute. Bravo guys! Bravo!


6 Responses

  1. Technology has helped us a lot.Imagine a few years back,all of us would be pretty much in the dark.

  2. Light a candle in memory of those who didn’t make it.

  3. @ vishesh: agreed. but also, the terrorist can have technology on their side. they used satellite maps and blackberries… it scares me how it can be a double edged sword.

    @joy: i certainly will

  4. technology is certainly a double edged sword. But it is just a tool. As long as there are good people and bad people there will be good tweets and bad tweets. So if one is getting the infor from a trusted person, its fine. I am not on twitter because I prefer to monitor the news media. Sure, they sensationalise a lot, but off and on they interview state officials and policemen and we get an accurate picture. I cannot see the tv news every minute because most of the time its repetition or sensationalism. However, twitter seems to have helped those who have a good network, those who live abroad etc. And its good of those who are doing the work of passing information.
    And as for the terrorists, yes they were getting an advantage. That is why they had blacked out the news here in Mumbai for more than an hour. I wonder if it is possible to block tweets.

  5. its always been a double edged sword,we don’t know who the terrorists are to cut the links…

  6. I would say being aware is being Safe!

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