I’m Going Eco Friendly

Okay I can’t take the traffic anymore, nor can i bear to see so much fuel wasted because of the traffic, so I have decided to walk, take the bus or cycle. Yeah! Bus works but takes time, walking works but also takes time. My best option? Cycle!

-I get to club exercise and my commute and thus save an hour!
-I save money
-I save the earth
-It’s fast, it’s healthy and it causes no jams

Would you consider cycling to work? Should we start lobbying for a cycle lane in the city?


10 Responses

  1. gud idea indeed

  2. My workplace is close to 25 Kms from where I live.. I’d die if I cycle that much.. 😦 But for people for whom its feasible.. its a fantastic idea…

    I just hope people work on it rather than just appreciating it…

    It would definitely work wonders for the eco system.. 🙂

  3. Hope is right!
    Bt, I transport via Bus Service.
    .So, there is less prob by using public transport service, right?
    Bye, Take Care!

  4. If there is one, I would take it. I grew up cycling at least two hours a day so it would be a pleasure! And it’s less stressful than driving for sure.

  5. The only thing stopping me from doing that is the morning/afternoon sun in the city. It’s just too much to get out there in the open. Having said that, if there was a lane for cycles specifically, I’d be inclined to wrap myself up like the girls do in Pune and take out my mountain bike for a spin.

  6. I would like to take cycle to work … provided .. provided … we have a proper lane discipline in our roads . when we have scary traffic scenario … I can only wish Best of luck :p

  7. Really a good idea.. 🙂

  8. I am also considering that.. but workplace is too far from my home 😦

  9. I wouldn’t trade my mountain bike in for a free motorbike EVER!
    Riding to work is teh fun.

    I mean do you have any idea how much fun it is to speed by a 3km long traffic jam at 9AM , past a couple hundred irate IT profeesionals in their mini-cars, 2 super-cool traffic cops who always ignore me[non-gay *muah* to you guys], and all this on the WRONG side of the road. ha ha ha. 😀

    I have the best start-of-day of any-working-body i know. 🙂

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