Review: Delhi 6

Ram Leela, NRI returning to the country, exuberant India and all that made me think Delhi 6 was going to be Swades revisited. But the soundtrack enthralled me, Sonam looked awesome, Abhishek seemed to look cute and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra was directing it. In my books, those were good enough reasons to be excited about a film. A million phone calls, super nagging messages and an annoyed friend were put on the line to acquire the tickets to the first day last show. ‘Don’t go! It’s a bad movie.’
‘Abbe acchi pikchur hain dekh le!’
‘Its random’
‘You will fall asleep!’
And in spite of all this, I maintained my excitement and plonked myself in the cushy seats.
And I wondered if signed up for a sightseeing trip to Chandni Chowk!
There’s the madness of Delhi, the soul of Chandni Chowk and all that, but you hope in the heart of your heart that all this is leading somewhere, that all this is building up to something. After all when Prasoon Joshi, Kamlesh Pandey and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra have written the film, you want to shut that little voice in your head that says ‘Kya ho kya raha hai?’. I couldn’t keep that voice shut for long.

The director clearly indulges himself in nostalgia, trying to recreate his Delhi and he struggles to form a medium to give out a social message. He ends up doing the former much more effectively. You find it hard to take the intense moments of the film seriously and certain metaphors are so downplayed that they are lost in the exuberance of ‘Delhi 6’.

Performances are awesome. Right from Waheeda Rehman who brings a sparkle to the screen to Sonam Kapoor who seems fresh and real, the cast keeps you enthralled.

But there were too many moments where I looked away and tinkered with my phone or laughed on better friend’s jokes (his jokes weren’t awesome, so you know). In my humble opinion, the second half of the film is much better (however absurd). Its fast paced, things happen, characters react and the story attempts to go somewhere. But sadly, it says in the confines of Delhi 6!

‘So random the movie is! I still am confused what the end meant,’ said the sister. Last I heard, the makers were confused about the ending themselves. We can see why!

Verdict: Watch only if you have the time and patience. Definitely a let down… I remember walking out of Rang De Basanti with a dazed feeling. I remember thinking about the characters for at least a week after I saw the film. I doubt Delhi 6 will have 1/10th of that impact on me.


Letting Go…

Like a scent left lingering on,

A waft of a familiar bond,

I held on to it for all this while,

Hoping it will conjure up Ur smile…

Hanging on to the threadbare hope,

I have been walking the tight rope,

Hoping u were standing somewhere,

To catch me if I managed to fall But no,

You were gone.

It was my fantasy,

and my fault,

I’ve fallen and gotten right up,

Now I’ve learnt to stand tall…

25 Random Things About Me

I know its not that interesting, but yeah, I wrote it for FB so might as well put it up right here!

1. I’m addicted to my phone. I can spend hours doing stuff on it. Lock me in a room; leave me my charger and the phone. I will be happy!
2. I love tweeting. According to some people it may even be an addiction. Discussions about twitter happen over the phone even!
3. I’m a foodie who is paranoid about gaining weight. More a reason for you to believe what an eccentric idiot I am!
4. I have written a novel. Yes a full length novel. It is a love story
5. I’ve been working since I’m 17! My first job was for Akashvani. I have been a radio presenter, gossip writer, journalist, food critic and lots more.
6. London and Paris are my favourite cities in the world and I long to see New York. I have seen the most good looking people in Barcelona, Spain!
7. I’m very close to my friends. I would collapse without them. I absolutely adore my sister. Back during my school days, I had barely any friends and never got along with the sister. Strange but true!
8. I used to go up to Mannat every year, on 1st Nov and wait for midnight to sing happy birthday to Shahrukh Khan. One time I saw him even and I nearly fainted. Another time I tripped and fell into his lap at a popular award function. I am not telling you anymore stories!
9. I sometimes feel I am a guy. I can understand guys much better than girls and boast of a ton of guy friends. I still love pink!
10. I just can’t be myself around a guy I’m crushing on. I get tongue tied, say something stupid and go completely red in the face!
11. I’m always struggling for time, even though I’m paranoid and leave well in advance. I will always be just in the nick of the time for the movie.
12. I wear makeup and dress like a chic every time I m depressed… So if I’m all dolled up, you know you need to hug me.
13. Alcohol tolerance level is super low and post alcohol energy levels are super high
14. I love listening to music on long commutes and imagining my own original version of the music video. Keeps me entertained!
15. I clearly love talking/writing about myself! I used to love talking to myself too…
16. I can never take a compliment. I always make an excuse for how the compliment might be untrue.
17. I love all kinds of films, most genres of music, and fiction reads. I like the good things in life and want to be paid for writing about them things! Too ambitious?
18. I’m very lazy and procrastinate until I’m shaken up by an anxiety attack.
19. I love dancing. I even dance in the car when I think no one’s watching!
20. I cry very easily. Movies, music, TV shows, people, anything can make me cry. I never cried at work until CampusJunkie though!
21. I am very cynical about things and will think up the worst case scenario’s worst case scenario.
22. A hopeless romantic at heart, I refuse to give up on the idea of a mushy love story for myself. Having said that, pt. 21 still comes in the way. That’s when I watch mushy movies.
23. I really believe 25 is a large number and even I can’t find anything to write.
24. I m very restless, and hence now I need to walk!
25. You can’t force me to write! Berges asked me to write this about 2 weeks back… So yeah!
Anything anyone else wants to add?

Plathish Thoughts

A dream, a scent, an idea and emotion
Every night I scribbled with complete devotion
Your eyes your smile,
Even the slightest of your reaction…
I would sit and wait and watch,
Waiting for you to materialize
You stayed on paper, locked in a diary
Smiling as I painfully realized
Yes you were my imagination
But mine you were and I was yours
The wheels were set in motion!

Reminds me of Sylvia Plath’s ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ that we used in a film a while back…

I shut my eyes and the world drops dead,

I think I made you up inside my head…

Jaago Re Aur Kuch Karo Re!

Yes, I am a procrastinator and I was convinced I am my country’s worst citizen. reminded me time and again and yet, I would say ‘next weekend!’

Finally, I managed to get my documents together, ensured I had true copies, photos and set off to the ERO situated at the address mentioned on to ensure that my name gets added to the voters’ list. I blessed Raj, who had made things so damn easy for jokers like me. Thank God for Raj, lazy bums like me could easily get their right to vote or so I thought.

Of course, as soon as I reached the address I was told the office had moved. So, I went in search of the municipal school where the office was now situated.
‘Documents are all okay, but you don’t have Form 1A.’
‘Jaago Re says its not compulsory,’
‘No No, here fill out and come back after 1st February.’

So yeah, though the website said 23rd Jan was the date, the guy refused to take my form. I had no choice. I made another trip yesterday.
‘Why passport? Ration card is needed,’ he looked at my documents with disdain.
‘Passport is the most relevant document for age, address and identity proof. I am sure this will be accepted,’
‘I don’t think so. Why is your father’s voter id here? Its too old. Finding the number will take too much time, find someone nearby whose id was issued recently.’
‘Nobody in my building has a new one!’
‘Go and find, don’t say no without checking.’

And then I lost it. I started arguing that it was his job to find the number not mine. Finally I was redirected to a lady who sweetly told me that the passport was okay but the form won’t be accepted until 1st week of March.
‘Will my name appear in the list though?’
‘It will after the revision,’
‘Will the revision happen before election?’
‘I think so!’

I walked out with my documents. Angry.

This is my country that prides on being the largest democracy. However, the basic right to vote is a pain to get. I blame myself. I should have done this ages ago. I should have known all the facts and been able to fight it out.

But fight with who? The man who sweetly speaks to the guy who came through the Corporator and guides him with utmost courtesy but is extremely rude to a senior citizen who wants to rectify his erroneous name in the list. Or should I fight with the man who refuses to look up a number even though it is his job to do so? Or should I fight with a system where the minimum qualification for being a leader is a couple of criminal records and a few trips to the jail? Or should I fight people like me who do not find out how the system works or why it works the way it does?

And then I get daunted. I get bogged down.

Our country probably deserves this political apathy. Somebody pointed out to me a few weeks back that this is because we lack the fiery, passionate love for our country. We forget that loving the country goes beyond singing patriotic songs. We have brought on this apathy on ourselves because we refuse to change. We refuse to question and we refuse to fight back even if the battle is immensely long!

BIG thank you to Jaago Re. At least our eyes have opened. Now, lets get up and do something!

PS: My overanalytical mind thinks that these guys are hostile to guys who come through Jaago Re probably on instruction from politicians. Afterall, the parties benefit from low turnouts on voting day and the guys at the ERO have lesser work to do.


I never knew what love was (not that I know now!) until I saw Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge! The day I watched the movie I fell in love. The guy was Raj, Raj Malhotra. It was the magic of the film and the magic of SRK.

Of course, the love of SRK has made do some crazy things including buying a car he endorses (Santro is zipping still and nobody’s complaining, so get that judgmental look off your face, NOW!).

Since the last two years, my singledom has been a cause of worry to all and when they ask me, my answer is, ‘No guy’s swept me off my feet!’ and I go into a dreamy smile and silently tell myself, ‘except SRK!’

People noticed this and started telling me I needed to get over SRK if I was to ever notice any other guy around. After all who can hold a candle to a superstar, right? So in my set of resolutions for the year 2009 I made a list of things for my ‘get-over-SRK’ mission. Here’s what I needed to do to stick to it.

  1. Not grin dreamily everytime a song related to Shah Rukh appears on TV/Radio or wherever.
  2. Avoid longingly looking at his pictures in the newspaper
  3. Stop buying the products he endorses (If they r awesome, as they mostly are, I will still buy them)
  4. Give up on dreaming about him randomly.
  5. Stop talking about how he’s the right one, he’s taken, so me being single is all fine!
  6. Stop looking for him on all airports, trains stations etc.

So yeah I have pretty much stuck to it, until my Goa trip happened. On the trip, nothing made me smile like a line or two from ‘Ruk Jaa’. I couldn’t stop analysing how he’s a ‘smart’ brand manager and not a repetitive actor and I realised that the man is a source of great joy in my life!

So yeah, I am not giving up on him. I will love him. And btw, I am now following him on twitter. So, any hopes of me getting over the S man are officially down the drain!

PS: Driving 650 kms in a day can bring out a lot of inane thoughts and somehow the fatigue gives you the freedom to say it out loud!

Take Me There

Fumes, smoke and sweat no more,
All I see is that clear blue shore.
I beg the road to take me there,
Beyond the city and all its cares.

The traffic thins,
The roads widen,
We gather speed,
And the burden lightens

Take me my long road,
To the town that holds me close,
And with the wind caresses me,
And tells me a story seldom told

Tell me how my family was made,
Show me the love stories,
Show me the heroic tales,
Don’t ever let those precious memories fade.

Take me to the seashores,
Show me the temples,
Take me to that road
And that house ever so simple.

Take me to the very roots,
The roots that make me, Me.
Take me to the story, that defines my destiny,

Take your turns and show me the signs.
Just take me there,
And come with me.