Cycle Allowed Nai Hai! WTF

I have been a High Street Phoenix loyalist forever. Shopping, eating, timepassing was all done there. And when PVR opened there, despite the high price, I started watching movies there. The fact that it’s a 10 minute drive from my office was cherry on the cake. But not anymore.

I love the environment and my body as much as I Love shopping and watching movies. I cycle to work every day and yesterday, I was stopped by the guard at High Street Phoenix. ‘cycle allowed nahi hai!’
I mean what? If you don’t allow two wheelers, I can understand, but if you allow motorcycles and scooters, you must by all means allow cycles. Why discrimination? I am waiting to get in touch with the managers at High Street Phoenix to find out why this discrimination!

I will give up High street Phoenix but not my cycle. There.


8 Responses

  1. Maybe it’s you.

  2. mentality of people has to be changed.

    hope slowly and gradually we will be able to.

    keep riding…


  3. Cycles should be allowed. Did you ask those dumb wits for any reason as to what’s wrong with bicycles? Or are they just jealous cos they are too frail to ride bicycles 😛

  4. @Mehul: they r just too scared… and they must have thot cycle pe aai hai, wont have money to spend! fools

  5. Or they must be worried if you have a bomb hidden in the bicycle 😛
    We should all plan to go cycling at Phoenix Mills one day.

  6. I think we must all ride to that place Good idea Mehul & we will meet the Manager if Denied

  7. haahaha … people are simply dumb or just follow foolish orders …

    I remember one joke from Pune …

    a new bridge was opened parallel to Lakdi pool and it was declared as only for Two Wheelers.

    When traffic police stopped one bullock cart from going onto that bridge, the guy showed the two-wheeler rule to cop 🙂

    Pune tithe kaay Une 🙂

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