Jury Fury!

All those who wonder what’s the new page on my blog all about. Get ready to cheer. Your’s truly is now on the jury of Yaymen on twitter. But it’s not just about twitter, in general, I feel that men don’t get the loving they deserve. 

Come on, we love acting all feministic and shunning the fact that we need men, but the truth is, men make life interesting. However powerful we are, men will always stand by our side to just support us. Be it as a friend, brother, father, boyfriend, husband or a plain acquaintance. 

Of course, they sometimes make us fret, worry, angry and all that, but be honest, don’t you love fawning over your boyfriend’s laziness or your dad’s eating habits? Don’t you love that they can’t make a decision without you.

I love it. I love it that my brother calls me to ask me what coffee he regularly drinks at Barista or that my best friend depends on me for directions. I love it that the father and the brother would suspiciously eye any guy who so much as looks in my direction. I love it. 

And if men make me feel so awesome, why sould I be all coy about appreciating them. The male beauty pageants need to go beyond looks. And that’s exactly what Yaymen is all about. Its about appreciating men, thanking them for their love and attention.

Don’t be shy girls, let the men know we cherish them. Because boys might be stupid but men are awesome. 

PS: I dedicate this post to John Abraham in the yellow boxers in ‘Shut up & Bounce’. He takes eye candy to whole new level and he sparked off the Yaymen discussion!


10 Responses

  1. You should push more of these posts onto Twitter.. seriously. They are a fun read. Maybe you can do better with the headlines but that’s just me 🙂

    ~ A

  2. You should push more of these posts onto Twitter.. seriously. They are a fun read. Maybe you can do better with the headlines, but that’s just me 🙂

    ~ A

  3. yes we do need men and they need us too..
    so why not… !

  4. Thats a nice Idea. I wholly support the view. As a matter of fact loved it.

  5. @Asfaq: dude i agree. my headline sucks here cause i was too excited to give the headline a thought. but i m taking a bow cause u think my posts are fun 🙂
    @ Oorja: Yes mi gurl. are u on twitter?
    @Prats: thank u. u rock too 🙂

  6. What a lovely post! It made me feel good, even though there are few men in my life. Luckily the main one is a good one, but I think I shall appreciate him all the more after reading your article. I specially liked the line ‘boys may be stupid but men are awesome’. I wish I had him here right now!

  7. And here’s something that’ll make this process easy for you yay women 🙂 http://aalaap.com/yaymen/

  8. Nice thoughts!!!!!

    Thanx 4 the post!!

    By the way, M back after a loooooong interval. n m going to write story in my blog!

    Bye, Take Care!

  9. Aalaap! Big thanku 🙂

  10. […] on Twitter with her mega-awesome and powerful post on #yaymen and @shaktijs has broadcasted hercool and fun take on […]

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