The Day The Jammies Rocked Twitter

Girl talk was never this fun! As you already know, we’ve been nominating men for their yumminess factor. So @unitechy, @LimeIce, @spitphyre and @punkpolkadots suggested that we do a virtual slumber party on twitter to talk about men!

What we started as a fun thing to support Yaymen, soon spiraled into a wicked wicked conversation that raged on twitter for a couple of hours. If you thought Indian girls are chuimui types, think again. This was us, just plain wicked, talking about boys, first kisses, love and a lot many things.  And I was thrilled with all the boys’ response. They cheered us, answered our wicked questions and totally made the party rocking. Once again, girls, the men come to the rescue!

Right from first kisses, to missing the exes to craziest places they’ve got it on! We discussed it all and as I read the feed again, I smile to myself. Yaymen or WPP is not just about having fun. It is about expressing who we are. We represent the girls who are not ashamed to speak their minds about men, sex and life in general.

I hope everyone else is enjoying our venture as much as we are. And again special thanks to you all again for making both Yaymen and Wicked Pyjama Party a huge huge success. And when I say that, I say it for Reena, Michelle, Gursimran and Apurva! The rawking ladies of twitterverse…


4 Responses

  1. It looked really wicked! Looking forward to hear about the next one!

  2. Yayman is another YATF…!!!

    (YATF = Yet Another Twitter Fad)

  3. damn, i missed it!!! guess i was busy sleeping under the stars at the time 😀

  4. 😡 he u r the one who inspired me to join the twitter bandawagon and after much resistance i have finally dived into it and found that am missing in your following list Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

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