You are mine,
You’ve always been.
Every night
A different scene…

You keep me going
Never let me stop
You give me hope
You give me props…

I was afraid,
Of who n what you are
But in all your vagueness
I saw sense and I saw a path

But it’s getting tiring,
My legs feel the pain.
Every night you tell me
Tomorrow will be that day

I stare at the phone,
I refresh my inbox,
‘No news is good news’,
Seems like a paradox…


10,000 is just a number

So while i was sleeping last night, my blog crossed 10,000 hits. Yes, I know, to some this might be a trivial number, but I will celebrate it. Over the last year, I’ve written about film, music and everything under the sun. I have loads more to write about, loaaads. So stay tuned. Thank you for the encouragement and comment love… I’m going to drink up now! Yaaaay!

Hunt For The Perfect Gym

Gymming has begun again. I want to run the marathon you see. Before I gave my hard earned money and precious time, I wanted to see a few gyms. I have been to a lot of gyms and lots of weightloss strategies have been tried. It wasn’t successful until I found my zone. I enjoyed walking and hence ditched a gym to walk 25 kilos off. Read more about that here. Since I have the experience, I thought I should write about my hunt for the perfect gym, in case someone finds it useful.

1. Distance: I have been to gyms that are 15 minutes away, 20 minutes away and I have realized that what you really need is a gym that’s a hop skip and jump away. If you have to trek to the gym, it will give you more reasons to ditch the gym. I wanted a gym I could reach in 10 minutes tops. Luckily there were two gyms which were a 7 minute walk away. I chose one of them. This way even if I’m late, I still end up going for half an hour.

2. Friendly and understanding staff: My last gym was Talwalkar’s which is highly reputed. They have an awesome staff but, when I shared my walk and diet regime with them, they reacted weird. When my walk and diet regime showed results where they had failed (my body had water retention, I wasn’t sleeping, and other such lame excuses while the real problem was that my exercise regime was not suiting me at all), they asked me negative questions and kept saying I was going to bounce back to my earlier weight. I didn’t. I just quit the gym. If you’re not going to be nice to me, I won’t pay you. That’s my simple mantra.

3. Realistic goals: As I said earlier, I had two gyms close to me. One of those was Mickey Mehta’s 360. Here I was told I am ‘heavy weight’ when I am just 3 kilos away from my target weight. I was told I ‘NEED’ a diet, when I specifically said that I was looking to tone up and weight loss was not my agenda. I don’t want gyaan patti, I just want what I want. If your goal is to create Miss India type bodies, great. It’s not my aim and please respect that. I opted out. I anyway suffer from the ‘am I fat?’ syndrome. I don’t need a gym to reinforce that!

4. Solitude: Another reason why I wouldn’t go to Talwalkar’s is that it is maha crowded. During peak hours, it feels like a social club and you have to wait loads before your turn on the machines. I don’t like to be preoccupied with the thought of peckdeck getting free by the time I finish my benchpress. I want to have a good time exercising. Btw, why do men make weird sex sounds while pumping the iron? Weird, eh?

These things are, of course over and above the regular stuff like well trained staff, stat of the art facilities and hygiene. Too much to ask? I don’t think so! It’s our body, its our time and its our money, we might as well make sure we get the best there is!


Yun hi kabhi, mere khwab zinda hote hain,

Yun hi kabhi, mere khwab zinda hote hain,
Sachai se durr mujhe mere parr le jaate hain,
Kabhi yahaan, kabhi wahan,
Ek alagsi hai khwabon ki dunia.
Mehakchipi hai
Meri hai par kho si Gayee hai.Yun hi kabhi, mere khwab zinda hote hain,

Sachai se durr mujhe mere parr le jaate hain,

Kabhi yahaan, kabhi wahan,

Ek alagsi hai khwabon ki dunia.

Mehakti hava, hariali bhari zaameen

Khelte hue ped, ek sundar si tasveer.

Yahin is tasveer mein chipi hai

Meri hai par kho si Gayee hai.

Meri taqdeer.

Room for Rent In Kandivali

Hi All, 

I’m helping out my friend Michelle. She’s looking for a room mate, and mind you if you get her as your room-mate you are maha lucky. 

She’s super cool. As is the flat. The rent is 7K, no deposit and you just need to pay 7k broker’s fee. It’s a steal! So email her right now: punkpolkadots@gmail.com

If you know someone who’s looking, send them the info right away 🙂

All’s Well That Begins Well

India’s hunt for a new government has been a topic of much discussion. Websites, NGOs, filmstars have thrown themselves into the effort of getting the voters out to vote. They weren’t majorly successful in getting the voters to ink their middle finger, but those who voted, voted well.

After eons, we see a thumping majority and a singular party has been elected to run the show. The PM is a man with a strong resume and immense intelligence. He won’t be forced to take on criminals and under qualified individuals in his cabinet and now. There’s hope.

The voter turnout might have depressed me, but the results have made me believe that the Indian voter has thought well before pressing the button. 

It is the first time that I voted and I am urging every single one of you to go through hell if you must, but register to vote. Don’t give up. Fight for your right to vote, because every vote matters and every vote makes a difference. Look at Thiruvananthapuram. If I’m not wrong almost 65% people came out to vote and they elected a man who is educated, hard working, sensible and most importantly a man who understands India’s issues in the global perspective. Shashi Tharoor can make a difference and I believe in having more leaders like him. I am happy, and I am proud. We chose well and we chose wisely.

All the best to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. And to the opposition. Make the best of that seat, make the issues heard and learn your lesson. Hard work and hard work alone will get you elected. Run for the right reasons, and run for the secular democracy that we are. Jai Hind!

Long Queues, Devotion and Ganpati

He is the God of knowledge; he loves food, enjoys music and has a mouse as his ride. Now that’s a total dude God right? Mumbai’s favourite Ganpati temple is undeniably ‘Siddhivinayak’ at Prabhadevi. The temple sees A list celebrities, top brass politicos and a lot more. Every Tuesday, thousands of people line up to say hello (read ‘matha tekne’) to the deity they hope will take away all the worries from their lives. 

Today is Angariki Sankashta Chaturthi which is a mega event for all Ganpati devotees. And it isn’t very surprising that devotees lined up from early Monday morning to make sure that they got to see the Lord on the auspicious day. What’s surprising is the amount of people standing in that queue despite the scorching heat. There are senior citizens for whom it’s an extreme health risk, there areyoung professionals who probably have taken a day off work and there are children who are subjected to this torture in the name of God.

Now don’t get me for an atheist. I believe in God, I respect God and I appreciate God. Sankashta Chaturthi fasts are the only ones I religious maintain. I recite SankatNashana Stotra and all that, but I do not remember the last time I went to Siddhivinayak. 

Jayantrao Salgaokar, who happens to be my grandfather, is a Ganpatya (follower of Ganpati). He has done extensive research and study on the subject. “Ganpati never expects his devotees to give up their duty to come and see him. As long as you pray to him with a pure intention, it is immaterial whether you visit his temple or do it at your work desk.’ He tells me. ‘Of course, you need to have discipline in your ‘bhakti’ but taking 3 days off to just queue up at his mandir is not the ideal way!’

He admits that walking to the temple or queuing up long hours is a matter of faith, but when faith crosses the fine line and starts being insanity, we need to worry.

Today as I drove past Prabhadevi, I felt like it was completely insane. What’s even more insane is the fact that there are donor passes that give you faster Darshan. Are you telling me that if you’re rich enough to spare a couple of hundred/thousand rupees, God prefers to see you and if you don’t believe in paying, you don’t get so many ‘Aashirvaads’? I refuse…hmmpf