When you wake up, you happen to check facebook for birthdays and you read RIP Michael Jackson in your timeline, you know it’s a sad sad sad day. I went numb. How can he die? He used to live in Neverland, for crying out loud. No no no! But then the news channels confirmed it and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. Michael Jackson was my hero not for a year or two, not a teenage obsession. He was ‘the’ dude, I’ve always thought. Laser Discs (they never caught on) had just arrived and dad bought a player and got the Dangerous LD for us to watch. His music videos, tours, were all covered in that video and that’s how my love affair with the man’s music began.

Our generation might have seen many pop icons, influences, but what MJ did to our generation is significant. His whacky videos, his gyrating moves, his expressiveness. Those things made us… Everybody wanted to dance like him everybody wanted to have his style, his panache. He was the ‘shit’, as they say.

His music ranged from pop to rock to soul. And it really did rock the late 80s and 90s. When he sang the Free Willy theme, he actually formed a bond with the whale, Keiko. He poured his soul into his music. He spoke about dangerous girls, racial discrimination, burning up the dance floors but he also told us to make the world a better place. He made us believe in making an effort to make sure the world was a happier place for the coming generations. But that said, his personal life was a complete mess. He married the King of RocknRoll’s daughter. He fathered illegitimate children. And the worse was when he was tried for pedophilia, in which he was found not guilty. And let’s leave that at that! Enigma, mystery and controversy, he lived a life full of it and yet he once famously said, “I’m just like anyone. I cut, bleed and get easily embarrassed”

MJ… He sure made the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race with his music… There’s a place in my heart and I know that you are still rocking it in there. Because you will be alive in the millions hearts that learned to beat to your rhythm. Whatever the controversies, one cannot deny the fact that he leaves behind a legacy- his music.

R I P King Of Pop. You are not like anyone and there will be none like you.


Who? Me!

Don’t you just love it when you wake up from a lovely dream? When you wake up and snuggle, delving your head deeper into pillows. When you savour the aftertaste of the lovely dream and a faint smile caresses your lips? Don’t you just love such mornings? Today’s was a morning like that. I stepped out of bed, full on, like a typical ‘Yashraj’ heroine! It was raining and the sky was cloudy… Perfect.

It’s a different story that my life came crashing back to reality. No sir, there was no ‘Lazy Lamhe’ nor did life break into a song n dance in Switzerland. It took me 20 minutes to transform from the dreamy wannabe Yashraj babe into a 25 year old girl, who works bloody hard to prove to the world she’s awesome and independent. Sigh! But yeah, I did savour the memories of the morning during my coffee breaks. My little guilty pleasure. My life!

Rajdhani: Food Paradise

I’d heard about Rajdhani and finally, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I managed to check out this celebrated Gujarati Thali joint. First up, you can’t miss the wafting aromas of farsan and ghee laden fulkas doing the rounds. You settle down before a massive thali with dozen of katoris. And then… the food starts to trickle in.
Chutneys, achar, salads, farsan, fulkas with ghee, rotlas with makkhan, pooranpoli, veggies, curries, dahi wada, kadhi, dals, papads and of course dessert. The plate looks delightful and impossible to finish but I proudly announce I did.

I have no idea why I have never come to this place before. The food is vegetarian but its so awesome you don’t regret the lack of meat. The service is fantastic. You don’t have to tell the waiters to get you refills, they observe if your katoris are empty and come to serve you whatever you want. And yes, even if you don’t want a phulka, they will insist you have it. PiWi wanted her phulka without ghee. She was served phulkas by 3 different waiters but she didn’t have to repeat her instruction. Of course, you can’t eat such a heavy meal regularly, and I was tired of eating by the end of it. All I had to do was sip some of their smoke chaas, which is genius btw, and I was feeling ready to get up and get going.

All in all for just Rs.225/- per person for the unlimited thali, this was an awesome experience. The ambience is awesome and the service is just fab. Go, if you haven’t already!

Ladhabhai Mansion
Ground flr
New Queens Road, Opera House
Mumbai – 400 004
91-022-2361 3060 / 61

Dear Santu

It’s a bond stronger than the first friendship or a memory sweeter than your first relationship. What you share with your first car, is always special, memorable and etched in your heart forever. And you know what’s funny? You don’t realise all this until it is time to say goodbye.

There was talk of buying me a new car, but then suddenly the father announced that there was a buyer for the Santro and that he wanted it ASAP. That hit me right in the stomach. Sell the santro?

The Santro was a gift on my 18th birthday from my grandfather. He knew I didn’t dream of diamonds or gold. I only wanted to drive and my dream was to be able to go to college driving my own car with music to keep me company. Santro was every bit a part of that dream. She and I made so many fun trips, to so many places.

Dear Santu,
This is not a parting letter. It is just a revision of memories, so we always remember what we shared.
Do you remember, Santu?
Do you remember missing the rights and lefts cause we were in the wrong lane? Do you remember me being too proud to ask for directions and getting lost in the bylanes of Malad? Do you remember our first accident and do you remember that night when K confessed his love to me? Do you remember when K and I parted ways? Do you remember the trip with the girls to Pune? And do you remember that 7 hour drive to Alibaug? And of course you must remember swimming through the roads on 26/11 and you must remember the time we drove Nimmai and Anna around town, making them proud of you and me. You might remember that time when we stayed out all night? And do you remember hitting all the bumps on the road, just to annoy Pannu? Oh what fun it was singing besura as we went to college! You remember the time when…. I am running out of words.
There are too many memories, Santu. And I lived my teenage years with you. A new car just can’t excite me as much as the thought of parting with you bums me out.

Those memories, that bond, it symbolises who I was. Letting go of you symbolises the end of an era. Which is why, me and Pannu hugged you and tears welled up. You will always be my Dhanno, Santu.