Dear Santu

It’s a bond stronger than the first friendship or a memory sweeter than your first relationship. What you share with your first car, is always special, memorable and etched in your heart forever. And you know what’s funny? You don’t realise all this until it is time to say goodbye.

There was talk of buying me a new car, but then suddenly the father announced that there was a buyer for the Santro and that he wanted it ASAP. That hit me right in the stomach. Sell the santro?

The Santro was a gift on my 18th birthday from my grandfather. He knew I didn’t dream of diamonds or gold. I only wanted to drive and my dream was to be able to go to college driving my own car with music to keep me company. Santro was every bit a part of that dream. She and I made so many fun trips, to so many places.

Dear Santu,
This is not a parting letter. It is just a revision of memories, so we always remember what we shared.
Do you remember, Santu?
Do you remember missing the rights and lefts cause we were in the wrong lane? Do you remember me being too proud to ask for directions and getting lost in the bylanes of Malad? Do you remember our first accident and do you remember that night when K confessed his love to me? Do you remember when K and I parted ways? Do you remember the trip with the girls to Pune? And do you remember that 7 hour drive to Alibaug? And of course you must remember swimming through the roads on 26/11 and you must remember the time we drove Nimmai and Anna around town, making them proud of you and me. You might remember that time when we stayed out all night? And do you remember hitting all the bumps on the road, just to annoy Pannu? Oh what fun it was singing besura as we went to college! You remember the time when…. I am running out of words.
There are too many memories, Santu. And I lived my teenage years with you. A new car just can’t excite me as much as the thought of parting with you bums me out.

Those memories, that bond, it symbolises who I was. Letting go of you symbolises the end of an era. Which is why, me and Pannu hugged you and tears welled up. You will always be my Dhanno, Santu.


12 Responses

  1. thats beautifully written! :).. and indeed car owned you as much you owned it!

  2. ha ha waiting for my car( second hand for the first few months) 🙂

  3. 🙂 this one’s a sweetest post i have come across oflate !

  4. This post has the potential to make one laugh, cry and get nostalgic all at the same time. It almost did that to me. 🙂

  5. Nice emotional post!! Great work…..
    Good Luck, Shakti!

  6. Aargh!! beautiful post.. Have had the same feeling when selling off my first bike.. Beautifully written!! Some serious emotions there… Feel good and cranky at the same time 🙂

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