Rajdhani: Food Paradise

I’d heard about Rajdhani and finally, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I managed to check out this celebrated Gujarati Thali joint. First up, you can’t miss the wafting aromas of farsan and ghee laden fulkas doing the rounds. You settle down before a massive thali with dozen of katoris. And then… the food starts to trickle in.
Chutneys, achar, salads, farsan, fulkas with ghee, rotlas with makkhan, pooranpoli, veggies, curries, dahi wada, kadhi, dals, papads and of course dessert. The plate looks delightful and impossible to finish but I proudly announce I did.

I have no idea why I have never come to this place before. The food is vegetarian but its so awesome you don’t regret the lack of meat. The service is fantastic. You don’t have to tell the waiters to get you refills, they observe if your katoris are empty and come to serve you whatever you want. And yes, even if you don’t want a phulka, they will insist you have it. PiWi wanted her phulka without ghee. She was served phulkas by 3 different waiters but she didn’t have to repeat her instruction. Of course, you can’t eat such a heavy meal regularly, and I was tired of eating by the end of it. All I had to do was sip some of their smoke chaas, which is genius btw, and I was feeling ready to get up and get going.

All in all for just Rs.225/- per person for the unlimited thali, this was an awesome experience. The ambience is awesome and the service is just fab. Go, if you haven’t already!

Ladhabhai Mansion
Ground flr
New Queens Road, Opera House
Mumbai – 400 004
91-022-2361 3060 / 61


5 Responses

  1. Lovely. being a gujju my self, am proud of the place and its services. 😀

    [although just to let you know you get all of the same services at a price of RS 80 unlimited at a joint called ” Pakwaan” in ahmedabad. you have to love that one!! ]

  2. Lovely Post:) The only reason you did not visit earlier is (And you are lying if you do not accept this) because of your fear of having to double GYM time for the entire week.

    As Ektz says Pakwan is super, but a visit to Vishalla in Ahmadabad is a must.

    In Mumbai try out ‘Panchvati’ in Infinity Mall; Kalash in Raghuleela Mall Kandivali and Rajdhani in Crawford market(the main one where Kamlesh Barot ensures Ecstasy)

  3. Ektz n Anaggh r right!
    Pakvan & Vishalla r nice places!

    I feel hungry after reading ur post! [:P]

  4. btw rajdhani is also somewhere on the mumbai-pune highway, near lonavla (on the pune side of lonavla, to be precise) – i actually ate there once! not recommended if you’re driving though. you might run into a tree shortly after lunch 😀

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