The Way He’d Make Me Feel

I’m 25, I’m single and everybody except me is wondering why and quite a few have decided it’s their personal responsibility to set me up with the dream boy. Especially at weddings and family events, cupid sports a saree, big kumkum and comes smiling and ask fondly about my career, education and blah blah. “What are your expectations?” that question my friend, comes out to me in slow motion and I wince at every syllable that comes out of that heavily lipsticked mouth.

The question, in my humble opinion, is pointless. Which girl would ever say, “Yes aunty, bring on a drug addict, who looks like shit, doesn’t earn much and yeah the meaner the better.” Okay fine, I said it once to an aunt of mine but hello that was sarcasm! We all want the best!

But none the less, I want to think it out. What do I really want? Does he have to be rich, does he have to be a stunner, should he be funny, should he be a cook, should he blah blah blah!

And yeah, I don’t care about his profession, caste, complexion or whatever. I still wonder how those parameters help me decide if i want to spend the rest of my life with someone. So then what am I looking for?

I want a guy I can’t wait to see every day (yeah clichéd, i know!), somebody I can be myself with, somebody who understands why I do the stupid things I do, somebody who gets annoyed with those silly things and yet loves me enough to roll his eyes and put up with it. I want a guy who doesn’t make me feel like an idiot for being a klutz. I want someone who will catch me when I have my bizarre falls and then laugh about them with me. I want a guy who knows if I’m going to laugh or scream from the way my nose flares up. I want to be able to tell from his voice if something’s bothering him.

When we go out, I want him to know which table to pick, so I don’t crib. And I want to be able to order his dish, perfect to his taste without him having to say it. And once we place the order, I just want him to hold my hand and smile. I want to be able to sit with him, not say word and still feel content. I want to love his madness, his stupid ways and I want to love each and every one of his flaws. I want to crib about them, I want us to fight. I want us both to feel miserable after the fight, but still be eager to bury the hatchet.

I want all of that and I want to feel all of that for my man. Ab bolo, hai koi nazar mein?

PS: I’m singing ‘The Way You Make Me Feel‘ an old old song by Ronan Keating… ‘yeah, you somehow make things right :)’


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  1. Hey shakti,

    As always, loved reading ur blog… my fav line was, “What are your expectations?” that question my friend…” Killer!
    Though i’m ‘slightly’ older than u r, i am going thru the same… and hve heard this question like million times. By the way hve u read Twilight? read it, if not. The hero ‘Edward Cullen’ is wat all the girls in this universe wud like to hve… 🙂
    Keep writing and i will keep reading as always.


    • hey sappy, thank u so much… i know u understand the whole thingy 🙂 and yeah i cant wait to get a copy of twilight… i wonder if these novels create unreal expectations!

      • Are you still looking for a copy of Twilight? I am looking to give away the entire set (bought them, didn’t like, giving away. Been read twice).

        Tweet me if you want the copy, or email 😉

  2. baap re the list is too big but yes i think there is someone out there who will meet all these requirements and much more.. just tht u still havnt found what u r looking for..

  3. hi angel…

    itz hard to find n get everything…but if da basic moral things are in place..den u r in good hands..even if da tinyest of details n desires don’t my wish for u is dat..may d basic foundation,morals n principles match….

    all d very v v best! 🙂

    -ash (wickdweirdwitch on Twitter)

  4. Wowow too much expectations!

    It seems more like you want a girlfriend! 🙂



  5. Okay, so the two paragraphs of expectations made me think so much of the romanticism a match like this would bring.

    *Drooling in the dreams*

    Good luck!

  6. I wonder why am I not a bit surprised with the list. 😐

  7. When most guys (incl me) expect a million things in their life partners, your wish list is totally justified. 🙂

  8. You’re quite the romantic! I’m sure you’ll find your perfect match, even better than your expectations!
    Or otherwise just come home and we’ll grow old together

  9. Nice. This sounds so similar to the wishlist of any other girl’s blog I’ve read. I mean I could just cut-copy-paste it all and paste it on some-other-girl-your-age’s blog and she’d like, ‘yeah, i’d pretty much want a guy like that’.

    So its settled then. All girls pretty much want the same thing.

    And going by conventional norms, all guys want pretty much the same thing (you know what that is…)

    Muhahahaha. LOL


  10. well… you could have said ‘I want to be single forever’

    just kidding…

    good luck and hope you find that man of your dreams!

  11. woooow…… this post ought to be called “Great Expectations” … 😀

    All the best dear.. 🙂

  12. Honest. 🙂 Nice…

  13. Can I just copy paste my tweet to u about this post ? 😀

  14. I don’t know why are people feeling that this is too much to ask for. Any guy who can’t do this much isn’t worth investing your time in. Yeah, this is a guy who’s saying this.

  15. Yeah I agree with Manan here. The right guy will be always able to do things you mentioned… Just don’t rush into things when you find him (life plays games to test your trust and decisions sometimes). Rest assured, you WILL find a match more perfect then you think. ; )

  16. As the famous JFK quote goes (with a little tweaking) “ask not what your husband can do for you; ask what you can do for your husband” 😛

  17. Hmm…I hate people who think it is their right to get others is the same people who gossip if turns sore..

  18. […] : Compulsive Writer What : The Way He’d Make Me Feel Tangy : Compulsive Writer has this post which is filled with hope and sincerity. Hope to find a […]

  19. ये दिल है कि ज़िद पे अडा है बच्चों की तरह,
    या सब कुछ हि चाहिए मुझको, या कुछ भी नहीं।

  20. Nice write-up Shaq! Kaafi Romantic hai! I remember writing my own resume on such prospect where I said, I stay alone, I’m a hygiene freak, I clean my house every evening, I can cook delicious food and always love to try something new at kitchen, My friends say I’m quite humorous hoon, Romantic hoon, Gaana, guitar bajaata hoon etc etc.. Somebody (of course a pretty gal) read this and said. “You know what Manu, You are a complete package.Like a take home kinda!? Tum sab kuch kar sakte ho, and..hmm.. I think My mom will surely like you!! ”

    So, Gals really know what is ‘best’ for them? :)Or anybody for that matter, I dont think we dont know what is best for us until we get it 😀

    Anywaaaj.. Good Luck!

  21. hope you find this unlikely person sooner than later! well written 🙂 but dont put up too many pictures up there, kodak moments dont fit in this fast food mobile digi cam era!

  22. wats romantic in there i wonder…..chalo ull neway b a diff person in 2015…then u shd chek this blogpost……u r living in a dream of contradictions…any model pair really happily married u know….sigh….but i wish the best…

  23. You will get it soon .. Most of the guys also want a girl the way you are , May be I should write a similar kinda article on my blog for myself .. Good one ..

    Planning to read more of it and be regular 🙂 , but i didnt find email subscription here ..


  24. “touchwood”
    the first word that came to my mind as i read along ur beautiful post
    cos i’m living such life, cos i’ve found somebody exactly like dat, if only life was a little easy on us, we wud b happily living together now…
    but then, we r happy to b with each other, even if staying in diff homes and then there are words like these, written by you, that remind me, that remind us, how lucky we are to have find ‘that special love’
    thanks for the words

  25. do u girls end up getting such guys?

    anyway dream girl dream…..
    there is no harm dreaming.

  26. order diyaa hain .. bhagvan ke pass… asumble hoo raha hain .. jaldhii tumhare paas prakat hooga 😛

    take care .. stay away from swine flu 😛

  27. same pinch there …

    yeh! but i m looking for such guy …
    i mean i m not that type …
    the same pinch was for the qualities…
    I mean its not that i seek such guy qualities …
    crap wht am i saying …

  28. Loved reading your post!!

    All the best!! I am sure your expectations will be fulfilled.

    I can’t say you are asking for too much…in fact most of what you are asking for is not at all difficult…

    But question why is it always about girls..why its not about both girl and boy. (even though you have mentioned some points about for the guy too).

    Dont you think, girls expect everything from guys..and try to make the whole relationship girl centric…may be these are my views..

  29. demands justified…..:)
    this a colorful companionship….wish you best…

  30. You’ll find this guy in 2013…
    They are working on making a robot like that.. 🙂


  31. Expecation kills!!!!!

    old saying : When money is lost nothing is lost
    When health is lost some thing is lost
    When character is lost everthing is lost

    In old world : love and faith use to exists.

    Modern world:
    When charater is lost nothing is lost
    When health is lost some thing is lost
    When money is lost everthing is lost

    In moder world: there exist only lust and fame, but no love.

    If your are Sita then your expectaion could be of Ram, and also be ready for agni parkisgha.

    Is there any one this world who will leave his wealth and went to forest and see such a hard ship for 14 years in forest and that to for no fault!!!!!!!!

    kabir : Boya pada babool ka aam kaha sa hoi..
    (If your bring up cactus how come you will get mango)

    So be realistic.

  32. You know what the biggest problem I see there in the list? That the guy should want to see you ‘everyday’. That’s just not possible I think, guys have crazy mood swings and they just need their downtime! *yup they do*

    Yeah but I would love too if she can deal with my being clumsy! But there’s possibly no human on this planet that I’d want to see everyday!

  33. A list tht big will have few takers……
    But I guess u cud find a guy n then help him do all those things ….Isn’t tht a better option 😛

  34. Very sweet and romantic, the way you described it.

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