Friday Night Movie Babble

You get a movie recommended by a friend and it sits in your pen drive forever. And on a rather sloppy Friday night most of your friends are working late and your parents don’t really want you to venture out for a party, so you switch on the computer and watch the movie. Now now, before you feel sorry for me, let me tell you, I was happy to watch the movie. ‘Imagine you& me’ is a cute love story and quite literally, a chic flick.

Rachel is getting married to Heck and just as she walks down the aisle she sees Luce and something flutters. What follows is an attempt by Rachel& Heck at setting Luce up with their compulsive bachelor friend and the couple discovers that Luce is a lesbian. Rachel can’t help how she feels around Luce. At the same time, Heck wonders why their sex life seems to have taken a beating since the wedding. After a lot of drama, Rachel realises what she wants… And everybody lives happily ever after…

Yes, it’s a love story and it isn’t your usual ‘boy meets girl. Boy can’t have girl. Fight and wedding’ sequence.  It’s just a cute little story of a woman who discovers that love at first sight does happen and it leaves you stumped. Well, the movie leaves you with a smile. And the oh-so-merry Turtles track, ‘Happy together’ just makes sure you feel chirpy with hope. That’s what chic flicks are supposed to do, hai na?

I did have a lightbulb moment; the moment where you identify with something in the film that just answers something that’s been nagging you for a while. Rachel reads out a quote from a couple celebrating their 42nd anniversary. When the woman is asked how she knew it would work, the woman is quoted saying, “You don’t know. You can never be sure,  but you take the plunge anyway. Sure is for people who don’t love enough.”

We all have our idea of Mr/Ms Right, we have our idea of a perfect relationship, a perfect marriage and a perfect life. We want to wait till the right opportunity arrives at the right time, but in this obsession with the right, do we forget spontaneity? Do we forget the joy of acting on an impulse? And just because something isn’t perfect, do we decide to give up on it?

Food for thought. But yeah, I can never be sure!


Celebrating Love…

“Why are you going to the Queer Azaadi March?” asks a friend. After seeing me drool after SRK, Johnny Depp and Dempsey, she knows I am straight, so it beats her as to why I need to go participate in a cause that’s not mine. I did answer her, but not with something as lame as ‘I support it’. If you are human, have some common sense and sensitivity, you will support it.

The reason I went for the march happens to be a little different. I have a problem with people limiting homosexuality to the sexual aspect and nothing beyond. I have a problem with people not understanding the trauma of breaking the moulds of the society that are designed for the heterosexual majority. I have a problem with the fact that loving someone has to have a conditional clause that they should be of the opposite sex for it to be accepted.

I went because I think love is a beautiful emotion and it can happen between a man and a woman or a man and a man or between a woman and a woman. No matter who it happens between, love is beautiful and there should be no reason for one to hide it in the closet, least of all, because of who they chose to love.

I went to the march to say that I’m sorry. We heterosexuals are a majority and we’ve imposed our choices, our stereotypes on you. I wanted to say that I understand how traumatic it is to come out of the closet and I hope in a few years it will be easier. I wanted to walk the walk and say, you and I can’t be different just because of our sexual orientation. We love and live with passion and hey, everyone chooses who they want to love. How can that make you different?

There’s no I, me, you and them. There’s just us and together we’ll try to make it a better world, a better country (okay okay, I’m still obsessed with MJ, but I mean it!)

By the way, it was awesome to see such a turnout. It has taken us years to come on the streets and celebrate. And I’m damn proud of everyone who showed up in support. Thank you Piu, thank you ever so much for taking us along 🙂