Thank you for… What am I grateful for today?

So it's a brand new year. Every year, I wonder if I've achieved all that i set out for. Instead of enjoying my achievements, I kind of beat myself silly over things I could not do. But this year, I feel grateful for both, successes and failures. They've taught me a lot and hence my new year resolution… I am going to thank the universe for something everyday. It could be something as small as a cupcake that turned out well or it could be something as big as an an awesome job. The point is to be grateful for what I've got. 

I have mocked Rhonda Byrne's The Secret but after reading it, I understood the importance of 'living'. So here goes…

Day 1:
I'm grateful to be surrounded by people I adore and I'm grateful to have them love me back. I am grateful to have brought in the New Year with a few of them… I am glad they are around to make my life beautiful each day. I am glad that they are around to tell me I'm awesome, and I'm glad that they're around to tell me i am awful but i can get better. I am glad that they have invested their faith in me… Just give me the power to never let them down…
Happy New Year

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