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Amongst the many things, I am grateful for the gift of gab. No really. Everyone curses how much I can yap. But this power to yap saves me. I can break the ice with most people and it does help me tell stories. These words, a few kind ones, can help someone who needs someone to talk to. They can create new relationships and friendships… These words are very powerful… So, thank you universe… Please give me the power to use these words wisely. Help me use them to build and not destroy… 

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  1. I do this every night with my son only we call in Good About Gabriel or Good About the Day. It stops us focussing on the bad things, which is all too easy to do sometimes Years ago, after seven years of ill health, I used to do this every night for myself. Only I stopped it eventually when I was listing everything I had done that day!

    I like what you have said today and find it very inspiring. I wouldn’t say that I have the gift of the gab like this, but seeing how you describe it as something that can save yourself and others I now think it is something to cultivate. Definitely.

    Happy new year from England. We were down in Sussex with the inlaws over Christ,mas (in Hailsham near Eastbourne). I didn’t know you had done an M.A. at the university there. Wow! I’m impressed, and envious.

    • Hey Joss,
      Wish you a happy new year too 🙂 I think your son is very lucky to have you… You are doing such a fab job raising him… Cheers to u 🙂
      I did study in Sussex… Brighton is very special to me 🙂

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