Thank You For… the hand that holds me

Everyone has a day where they feel like nothing's working out and nothing will work out. It's these days that are the true test of the magnitude of our desire to achieve what we set out to for. Most of the time, we let this negativity into our minds and give up on what was once, the most important thing to us. But if we have a hand that holds us and tells us to hang in there and fight the negativity, we can. It can take all of our energy to keep this negativity out, but it takes this hand, to teach us how to channel that negativity and convert it into positive energy to propel ourselves further towards our goal. Thank you for letting me feel the grip of that hand on my arm ever so often.  Give me the strength to be there for those who are there for me and give me the courage to weed out all the negative energy from around those who I care about. 

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