Thank You For… The process

I’ve always wondered where to find happiness. I have always wondered if happiness can be found, was there a road map? And then, wikipedia coughed up and interesting theory of ‘Flow’… It took minutes for me to understand that, of course, happiness could be found. Of course, there was a map to it… It’s just that happiness was not a destination… Happiness was in the journey…
I’ve been chasing after destinations and then sitting down, rather lost thinking, where is my happiness?
Happiness was in failing at a task and then trying all over again, happiness was in laughing while working away, happiness was in the restlessness caused by the excitement of the next pitstop… Happiness is with me all the time…
Give me the strength to choose my path wisely, so happiness will find me on it. Give me the courage to enjoy the journey but never forget the destination…

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Look Who’s Calling

All I knew about ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ before I entered the movie hall was that it’s about a loser who turns his life around. I fell in love with the opening credits, and then, the film just sort of rolled.
Karthik is a hard worker, but his work’s never noticed or appreciated. Karthik’s life is made up of an angry, domineering boss, indifferent coworkers who take credit for his achievements and a frustrating landlord. The fact that his lady love, Shonali, never notices him and is dating his coworker, doesn’t exactly make it all a rosy picture.  Things change when Karthik decides to stand up for himself and confront the boss. Karthik, has lost everything he had, but then a phone call shakes up his life. He manages to turn his life around and emerges a winner. He has a great job, a big pay packet and the love of his life is now his girlfriend. But who’s this Karthik who has been calling Karthik?
That’s the premise of the movie. The plot cleverly unfolds, although through the first half, you are convinced it’s all predictable. I was convinced that the whole movie would be about Karthik rising up and proving he’s not a loser. But I was mistaken.
The strength of the plot lasts only if the audience doesn’t know what to expect next. Therefore I won’t say anything else about the story. But I will say this, it grips you, makes you impatient even.
Farhan Akhtar is a brilliant actor and he’s proved it on prior occasions but Deepika really surprises you with a sincere effort to emote.
The loose ends get tied up in a rather clichéd manner toward the end and the epilogue is rather unnecessary. But all in all, I found the film entertaining and totally worth a watch…
My verdict: 4.5 on 5…

Thank You For… schizophrenia

Sometimes, I feel the rage, the fury to put words down on paper at a speed that is boggling to the mind… And this rage, is what keeps me going. As I pen the second story that wants to be told, I feel like my protagonist, at times, I can imagine her narrating her story to me as if we were sipping coffee at Shivaji Park Barista… nd when I take her story further and further, I feel a sense of satisfaction that nothing else can provide… Thank you for this madness, thank you for this rage and thank you for all the stories that come to me and compel me to write them… Give me the strength to attract more stories, give me the power to tell these stories well… Make me a storyteller…

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Pies, an abusive husband, a good doctor… A well baked story!

Of late I have been hooked to Castle, the TV series starring Natahn Fillion and I have been gushing to all and sundry about what a cutie pie he is. So I was steered toward this movie about pies which stars Nathan.
Of course, I started watching it reluctantly. I’d never heard of the film, I am on a diet and the last thing I needed was to watch a film about pies and start craving them. But I was suffering from a massive writer’s block, not much was coming out of the writing effort and the film was downloaded and sitting on my desktop. So, I began watching it.
Right from the get go, the film sucked me into feeling the underlying emotion, maybe it had to do with the fact that it was a bleak Wednesday evening.
The Story:
The Waitress takes us into the life of Jenna, a girl working hard for a living in southern America only to surrender all her money to her abusive husband, Earl. She longs to get out of the marriage, win a pie baking contest and be happy, but when she learns she is pregnant, she feels helpless and desperate. She goes about weighing her options as she invents a new pie each day (I can’t wait to try the bad baby pie and the ‘im having an affair pie’). Her only friends her co-workers. There’s also Old man Joe, a difficult customer who loves Jenna’s pies and is fond of Jenna.
In her quest to be happy and be appreciated, she ends up having an affair with Dr. Pomatter. All the loose ends of Jenna’s life are tied the moment she holds her newborn daughter, and thats the moment where Jenna takes the decisions she had always been putting off.
I’ve always loved films revolving around food or films that use food as a metaphor… The Waitress uses ‘pie making’ ever so adorably to tell us that we can reinvent our lives if we wanted to. It’s a shame that the film never made it to India, but I can understand why. To understand the film, it is important to understand the life in the American south. The America we outsiders see in popular films or TV shows is very different from interior America. It’s hard to understand why a girl like Jenna sticks with her husband even though he’s a jackass without understanding the life in interior America.
Keri Russell does a fine job of taking the audience through the emotions of a pregnant woman who goes from not wanting the baby to deriving the strength to dump her husband from her baby. She effortlessly lets you feel her desperation, helplessness and she makes you fall in love with her pies….
And may I add, I enjoyed mulling over about the film as much as I enjoyed watching it. I love films that seem light hearted and simple but give you a lot to think about… The Waitress is certainly one of those films…
And other films that involve food and are also good food for thought:
Chocolat: The metaphor is just wow!
Julie and Julia: Two women, common factor, food… Their journey
Sideways: It uses wine, but hey… Wine is food…
Ratatouille: Anyone can cook!
… and many more…

Thank You For… the art of making bread

The art of making bread is tedious, daunting and it is extremely risky. Believe you me, I have baked loaves unfit to be bitten, loaves so thick they could be mistaken for bricks and loaves that were weirdly salty… But then magic happened… you sponge the yeast, you knead the flour… just when you think it won't ever come together, it becomes a perfect ball of white… you toil over it. you knead it you push it, you fold it… and then gently as you touch the dough and it springs back, you jump with joy…. you cover it, you watch over it, you feel ever so delighted that the dough doubled in size… you patiently wait for it to rise just enough, to knock it back in and shape it… you sprinkle sesame seeds, eggwash it and then you stick it in the oven. and then the house smells of yeast, flour and your oven, it holds a lovely brown loaf… shining even… but the greatest joy, it is the moment where you slice the loaf and taste the bread, still warm and spongy inside, crusty on the outside and you feel happy… 'i made bread! and you thought bread was very difficult to make!' i say to mom.  Give me the ability to savour everything I do in my life in a similar fashion… Give me the ability to take on tough challenges and enjoy working through them, just as I enjoyed the process of baking bread… and give me that chance to look at my loved one's and say, 'they say its impossible but i could do it,' just to see the pride sparkle in their eyes…

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Thank You For… Missed Opportunities

We all feel grateful for opportunities but only when my best friend brought it to my notice did I realise that missed opportunities are equally important. I ran, I trudged through traffic just to see him and I managed to reach right after he’d left. It made my heart sink, but it also made my resolve to meet him stronger.
Yes, success and achievements make you feel good but failure makes your resolve to succeed stronger. It also is a sign from the universe that it isn’t the right time, yet… Yes, there is a reason why things happen and I respect and appreciate that reason. But I will keep trying, and when the time is right, I will succeed…

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Thank You For… Warped Logic

Yes, I have special people in my life, I have established that through multiple posts… And I am ever so grateful for having them… But everyday, I discover a new reason to be grateful for them. Today, I realised that we have these deep conversations, that explore the reason and meaning of things. We derive our own practices, ideas and beliefs from these very discussions. Sometimes, the discussions are as profound as 'what religion means to us' and sometimes the discussions are as light as 'Why Sangria should be called a health drink?'. Irrespective of the intensity of our discussion, we share a common bond, the bond of warped logic. This warped logic helps us look at the world from a different perspective… It makes me see things I would completely miss out on… It allows me to imagine and have fun dealing with reality and it allows me to dream…

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