Thank You For… No Shortcuts

My grandma, Manuaai, is a passionate cook. There are no mixer-grinders in her kitchen, she believes in grinding stuff on the pata- a desi version of pestle and mortar. I always wondered why would you subject yourself to so much hard work, when the same result can be achieved at the touch of a button. The reason- love. Manuaai has lived to nourish her family with delectable dishes and they taste good because, ‘I cook with love and don’t believe in shortcuts’ she says. As I stand on the pata, grinding, arms hurting, I realise that the quality of the coconut ground on the pata is definitely better.
Sometimes practitality isn’t the best policy. The joy of serving an authentic Kolambichi aamti that tastes just like my grandmum’s is a joy and its worth the soreness in my arms…
Give me the strength to appreciate the longer cut, to enjoy the journey, because the end result is more enjoyable when the journey is memorable. Give me the courage to avoid shortcuts and to look back at this kitchen lesson, everytime the easier way tempts me… Thank you…

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