Thank You For… butter, sugar, flour, eggs and cocoa

There's something magical about mixing these things and waiting as the heat from the oven works its magic… Creaming the butter, whisking the eggs, melting the cocoa bars, beating all this together to make a luscious brown goop that we call batter.. To spread this batter into a cake tin and feel the hot air from the oven as you place the tin inside… To lick some batter off your finger… To watch the cake with curiosity… To feel happy when you see its risen… To stick a toothpick in the cake… To see it come out clean… to let the cakes cool… and the most magical moments of all… placing a plate over the cake tin and inverting the tin, moving it a little and then knowing that you cake has fallen onto the plate… To take away the tin and watch the magnificence of what you just created… To watch your friends cut the cake on their birthday and to eat a slice with them as they ooh aah away…  Thank you for the greatest joy of life, baking…

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  1. i coudntt agree more! nothing as thrilling as baking! are you in a culinary school?

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