Thank You For… rediscovered roots

Mother tongue… speaking in your mother tongue makes you feel like you're at home in any corner of the world. And I feel grateful to have Marathi and Malvani as mother tongues and I am grateful to my family to have instilled the love for the languages in me. A full blown conversation in Malvani with my Grandparents is priceless. Reciting 'shravanmasi harshamansi' as it rains or 'garja jayjaykar' are a few of the little joys of loving Marathi. If I've ever felt sad, its been about the fact that I never write Marathi. But thanks to Google, that's been fixed. I can type Marathi almost as fast as I type English. So I will attempt writing Marathi every odd day. Good or bad, it will be my offering to the language that's been a mother to me… 

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