Thank You For… Buttermilk aka chaas aka Taak

Yes, I’m grateful to the person who discovered the art of making taak. This wonderful drink derived from churning yogurt until the butter settles on top, is a magic potion that can chase away the blues, calm down the hyperactivity, satiate hunger or thirst or ease an overfed stomach. It’s just fabulous and I feel wonderful as each sip enriches me. The flavour of taak, on it’s own is unique and delectable, but you can personalise it to suit your tastebuds. Add a pinch of salt or season it with garlic, Ginger and chilly, a touch of jeera powder or a dash of heeng, a drizzle of rock salt or a spoonful of sugar. It’s flavour adapts itself to the seasoning of you choice.
Give me the strength to be like this flavour. Allow me to adapt myself to every situation life throws at me, but give me the courage to hold on to the essence of who I am.

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