Thank You For… The process

I’ve always wondered where to find happiness. I have always wondered if happiness can be found, was there a road map? And then, wikipedia coughed up and interesting theory of ‘Flow’… It took minutes for me to understand that, of course, happiness could be found. Of course, there was a map to it… It’s just that happiness was not a destination… Happiness was in the journey…
I’ve been chasing after destinations and then sitting down, rather lost thinking, where is my happiness?
Happiness was in failing at a task and then trying all over again, happiness was in laughing while working away, happiness was in the restlessness caused by the excitement of the next pitstop… Happiness is with me all the time…
Give me the strength to choose my path wisely, so happiness will find me on it. Give me the courage to enjoy the journey but never forget the destination…

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