Move over Lucy, LSD has been hijacked by Indians

First with Khosla Ka Ghosla, Dibakar Banerjee introduced us to a typical middle-class Delhi family and their dreams, then he gave us Lucky, the Punjabi con artist who takes us through the different strata of Delhi society and now, he brings out three different stories about love, sex and dhoka (betrayal) that use the backdrop of varied Delhi cultures as a canvas on which this vivid picture is painted.
Dibakar Banerjee’s film links the movie camera to a CCTV and the CCTV to a spy camera via three different stories to tell us, we are being watched. He interlinks the stories wonderfully, without being too obvious or too intelligent. The stories are nothing different from what we once read in the papers, but it’s the way that they are told that captivates us. The characters, treatment and most importantly the background score and the music make this film awesome. Love, Sex aur Dhoka has a hidden agenda to shock you with this reality. Honestly, I wasn’t shocked at all.
‘The relevance would have been awesome four years ago,’ says the sister.
True that. Four years ago rich fathers had their daughters’ poor lover boys murdered, four years ago boyfriends were taking the country by the storm with recorded clips of private moments with their girlfriends and sting operations were oh-so-hot…
Today, sting operations happen, but they don’t really rock our world (they trend on twitter, I’ll give them that). MMS, CCTV footage scandals do happen, but they don’t shock us like they did back in the day and  four years ago, a father having his daughter and her lover killed was unthinkable or rather shocking to read in black and white.
In the last four years, media has desensitized us. We don’t dwell on these incidents, we see them, discuss them over coffee or in the train and we move on. We read about a businessman who had his Muslim son-in-law murdered, we discuss it for a few days and then the same businessman goes on to sponsor an IPL team owned by a Muslim. We read about a girl being attacked by a random man at Gateway of India, we read about a couple chopping up a man’s dead body into pieces and then we pick up our cup of tea and go about our business.
This film would have rocked the nation if it came out four years ago, but who would have put their money on a film that doesn’t have a definitive love story? Who would put money on a film that has ‘camera’ as a central theme? Dibakar Banerjee could get the funding for this film because of the success of his previous films. And the censor board passed this film, because we are an audience that won’t get disturbed by such stories.
I love the film for the way it tells its story, for the music and for the sheer joy of seeing Dibakar Banerjee’s ability to use the right aspects of different societies existing in Delhi to tell a story. It deserves its credit for being a good film for that reason. There’s no social change or awareness that it will bring about. Don’t dream honey, worse has already happened.
And for a change it’s good when real life seems an exaggerated version of reel life, and not vice versa.

In the end is my beginning

Although I enjoy writing these down, I am going to stop posting them to the blog… Yes, gratitude is always the best way… However, after a certain thank you post, the very reason for my gratitude was badly hurt… I feel inexplicably guilty for bringing negative vibes onto this loves one… And that’s when I realised that if I’m grateful, I should just keep it to myself… So the posterous blog will now largely see random posts.
But I do thank you all for all the love and appreciation you showed for this endeavour of mine…

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Thank you for… The colours

I stopped playing Holi after my grandma moved from her Vile Parle home. But this year I changed that by accepting my friends’ invitation to play with colors. I spent the day frolicing, coloring and getting colored. Pink, blue, green, yellow and purple…. The colors, were washed away, but then, some colors stayed on, to remind me of that swell time I had… I’m grateful for a festival that let’s you unleash your inner child… And that reminds you, that without color or people, life is rather pointless…

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Thank You For… The ‘we missed you hugs’

Have you been away so long that you long to hear those familiar jokes? Have you been away so long that you wonder if those you’ve missed so much noticed your absence at all? Did they miss you at all? It happens. You get too busy, you don’t meet, and before you know it you have drifted apart… But then there are those lovely friendships, which survive the test of time. No matter how far apart you’ve been, hitting it off is never too hard.
And then comes a moment where they hug me and say, ‘We missed you, kiddo!’ and I just know that I have them by my side for the rest of my life. Thank you 🙂

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Thank You For… Old times’ sake

I used to spend nearly my entire day with this lot. We worked together, sometimes we fought, sometimes we hugged but most of the time was a pretty awesome time. Learning from each other, telling each other things… So when we got together on a Saturday afternoon over some food, it felt like those old times… Yes, we’ve all moved on. Most of us have a new set of colleagues to spend the day with… But at the end of it all, it’s good to know that the time at CJ is remembered fondly and people are missed…

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Thank You For… Filmy talk

I love cinema, I love watching all kinds of films, even the bad ones, because they teach you a thing or two. And what I love more than watching films is, talking films. Talking cinema always inspires me. What did I miss? What metaphor did you notice? Why was a certain performance better than the other… It’s always great fun and an immense learning experience… Thank you for friends who love cinema and talking about cinema as much as I do…

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Thank you for… Letting me be

The past few months, I’ve been fighting with myself, fighting for my ideas, fighting for my voice. But the energy for this fight doesn’t come from within, it comes from my people. They let me be, they ignore the pressures they feel and they put their faith in me…
Give me the strength to fight till I win. I will make this worth their effort…

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