Thank you for choices

We all want to shy away from taking sides. We don't like confrontations and most often we sit on a fence. I've been sitting on a fence for a long time. What I didn't realise was that this sitting on the fence business often meant that my fate was placed in someone else's hands. I didn't go look for things, I accepted whatever came my way. Luck was on my side and sent good things my way.Thank you for that 🙂

I hated confrontations, so I just said and did whatever pleased the people around me. Eventually, I realised that I was doing very little to please myself.
That's when I started jumping off the fences. That's when I started thinking, talking and doing as I pleased. Sure there were a few ruffled feathers, but ruffled feathers can be set right. And if you believe in your choices, you can actually find happiness.

Thank you for bringing these choices my way. Thank you for giving me the strength to make the choices and thank you for the integrity that allows me to stick to my choices.