When was the last time?

When was the last time you took a BEST bus ride until the last stop, just for the sake of it?When was the last time you walked through the deserted roads of Backbay on a Sunday?
When was the last time you went to Marine Drive specially to catch the sunset?
When was the last time you danced in the rain?
When was the last time you closed your eyes and felt the wind on your face without worrying about the 9.13 local reaching the destination on time?
When was the last time you scrounged for ever rupee in your wallet for bus-fare and thought it was fun?
When was the last time you bought something just because you wanted to help out the old lady/child selling the stuff?
When was the last time you waved out a flying kiss to a kid sitting in the car at a traffic signal?
When was the last time you complimented a stranger?
When was the last time you hopped to your favourite song in the street?
When was the last time you sang to someone?
When was the last time you lived?

I just can’t remember…


Mainland China Vashi: Healthy Chinese Food

After having a rough couple of days (I pulled my shoulder muscles and then got the flu), I am back. Last week, I happened to visit Vashi to see Appy and another friend. We meandered through the thickly mall-populated shopping district of Vashi (that’s what i like to call it), picking and discarding restaurants cafes and more. Kerala house? No no, its too heavy. Pot Purri? No no, it will be too crowded. Finding the right place to eat can be such a pain! And then we came to Mainland China. Yes yes, but its pricey. We’ll eat less then, I said before anyone could demand another choice. To my delight, they were empty and had a longevity festival on. Being a sucker for “healthy” food, I wondered what healthy Chinese would taste like and was it even possible to eat healthy and eat chinese?

We started with a green tea and though the dim sum was not on the longevity menu, we called for prawn sui mai, vegetable dim sum (basil flavoured) and from the longevity menu we got the lettuce wraps. Mainland China’s dim sum was supposed to be to die for but upon eating some of the ones served in Vashi, I realised why the outlet was comparatively empty. The pastry of the dimsum was all wrong and the suimai opened up before reaching our mouth even. However, the lettuce wraps were delectable. Visibly cooked healthily (no oil floating about), it came packed with veggies and the veggies were flavoured with mild spices. Super enjoyable.

Next, we decide to get a noodle and gravy. Shitake mushrooms and spring onion noodles are ordered along with a basil spiced vegetable curry. Both are delicious, although the basil is slightly over-powering (I love basil, so it was ok). Upon finishing our meal, the captain asked me how I liked the food. I left no stone unturned in describing exactly what was wrong with the dim sum. I felt bad about it because they waived off the dim sum from our bill and served us dessert on the house. However, they promised to fix what was wrong with the dim sum, which will make sure that diners going there after me will get to sample the awesome dim sum that is served in other Mainland China outlets.

But seriously, all ye #bglsr folk, if you have to eat out, I highly recommend the longevity festival menu which is prepared with healthy ingredients and even though it isn’t completely diet food, its better than greasy Chinese and the calories that come with it.

Unfortunately, my camera was not on me that day, so no pictures