About the blog

We see things everyday that make us wonder. Some wonder in their heads, some in their diaries and some aloud. I wonder on my keyboard. I have an opinion, I have an imagination and together they create fireworks in my head. The blog is just an expression of what’s on my mind- right here, right now…


9 Responses

  1. wonderful blog, would surely like to go through it end to end!!!

    cheers to random thoughts!!!!

  2. this is a really amazing blog, i could read it for hours 🙂

  3. nice blog…reading pleasure…

  4. Beautiful Blog

  5. And nice composition of thoughts


  6. I love your site. Keep it up !

  7. Awesome blog… Could ‘connect’ instantly to it…

  8. Stumbled upon your post “of Planet M…” while googling something. Pleasure reading it which also reminded me of the good ol times… cheers


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