A love so sorry

A flame lights in a dark corner. It lights up a soul. That soul burns away, it feels that flame scathe it, and just as the burn is being covered up, the soul reaches your lips. Tenderly, your lips kiss the soul and it starts crackling and it burns brighter. The soul can’t understand — why does it hurt and yet feel right. As the soul burns brightly, crackling away inches from your lips, it sees you inhale with satisfaction. It sees you content… All it takes it for the soul is too burn a little. And you, you keep bringing the soul to your lips. You’re engulfed by a haze, is it so thick that you can’t see that soul burning, killing itself every time you kiss it?
And as you kiss it one last time, a bright spark holds your attention. But the soul, it has nothing more to give. And you? You heartlessly think, “Damn, I need another one!”
And then you pick another soul to burn, to crackle as it destroys itself for you… Yes, you!