If only

There are three things that have driven me to write this post. First the earthquake in China and the rising death toll. Second, the Jaipur blasts. Then I happened to visit my friend Sneha’s blog who wrote about the earthquake (click here for a link to the post I am talking about)

Life can be really unpredictable. We keep procrastinating. We leave phone-calls to friends, visits to grandparents and conversations with the ones we love for tomorrow. We go on thinking what’s there to lose, I’ll do this tomorrow. Until, one day a phone call, a news report or a natural calamity shakes you up. You want to just reach that person, by hook or by crook. Sometimes, there’s uncertainty about their whereabouts, in that case you’ve got hope to cling to. But sometimes, its just a phone call that tells you that there’s going to be no tomorrow.

The words ‘if only’ torment you. You wince in pain, trying to deal with the loss. If only you’d not have procrastinated. The pain would be the same, but at least there would be no regrets. If only…


Heartache, Pain and then Peace

In some corner of this town,
There is a memory lane.
Long ago we walked it down,
‘Tis where we saw flowers, sunshine and rain.

There’s the corner of happiness,
Where we laughed as we walked.
Holding her hands we felt safe,
We felt like a careless flock.

Can you see that shrine?
Here she used to spend some of her time.
Here she was none but herself,
That sweet old grandmum of mine…

Under that tree we took shade,
Looking for flowers everywhere.
Flowers yellow, blue and red.
For hours at the branches we stared…

There’s that window where she stood,
Looking over us like God.
The window’s there but she’s gone…
Leaving us neglected and forlorn

As I walk by, teary eyed,
To my heart I confide,
That was the time and it was mine
I know she still walks by my side.

Wailing aloud my heart explains,
Those happy time aren’t coming again,
The time is lost and she is gone,
All I have is a lonesome pain…

The glass is shattered but the window remains,
Just like her memories in my heart engraved…
The wailing stops and the chaos ends…
The best I have is this very lane.

Vivek Kaka….

In loving memory of Vivek Kaka… someone who has always been there and will always be there. He passed away on 5th May 2005 at 3.45 PM. He was a best friend to my dad(in the picture in a white kurta) and he meant a lot to me… he meant so much to me that i cannot find words. All i want to say is that he has always been there and will always be there, he has not ceased to exist but has just changed form… smile…he is looking at us from a different camera now!