Spare us the telly drama!

Reality bites. But these days it sells. If your career is stuck, it’s time to choose a buzz worthy TV show and problem solved. Don’t have a career? Still waiting for that big break? Television can help there too. Appear on a TV show, go over the top with whatever it is that you do, watch your face sprawled over the papers and the world will fall at your feet.

You might not want to believe it. So let’s take a look at a few celebs who are back on the map thanks to their stints with Television.

Kashmira shah: probably her hot item numbers in movies like Jungle, Aankhen etc. made her a recognizable face but only for a short while. Her antics on Big Boss got her all that was missing from her life. . A media cat fight with a co-contestant, a loser boy friend who’s also a nephew of a big star and a million other shows to give her the much needed screen time. What more could this girl ask for?

Shakti Kapoor: Everyone had forgotten this golden hair bad boy until India TV exposed him in a shocking expose about the casting couch. One would think he’d be embarrassed, but our man was the topic of all discussions in the country. It didn’t stop there, the dude received quite a few film offers after this.

Rahul Mahajan: His father was murdered, he was caught in a drug scandal, a rushed wedding and a publicised divorce after a difficult marriage. He’s had all the attention for the wrong reasons. And he’s seeking more of it. He signed on to the show with item girl/actress Payal Rohatgi, now is wooing Monica Bedi! Everybody in the house is talking about his late night escapades into the girls’ room. He is making news and how? Frankly, I don’t care and I don’t give a damn. The first season was a good one but the second season of BIG Boss fails to make a big impression despite this notorious boy!

Amitabh Bachchan: Game shows were restricted to Antakshari and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa when Amitabh asked the question that rocked the nation and his failing career. Neck deep in debt, with bummers like Mrityudaata and Lal Badshah, Kaun Banega Crorepati brought a drastic change the Big B’s career. People adored his classy Hindi, they longed for his goodnights and then Mr. Bachchan found his way into every possible advertisement on the television. The second season didn’t make a big splash but Big B got the necessary push from the first season itself.

I can name many a names who piggy backed on television but Mr. Bachchan is the only success story. Everyone else has successfully made a fool out of themselves and have created an icon keeping the small picture in mind. And other wannabes follow suit. They are ready to beg, plead or die to be on these shows because of the hyped figures it’s created in the past. Some even choose to break up in front of the electronic media just to have 2 minutes on prime time. Some will pay the media to include them in an expose… But how long will we find their antics amusing? How long will the media hound them? What when the media and we forget them? Another show? Another scandal? Another spectacle?

Please spare me!


Start me up!

So, the blog hasn’t seen a new post in a long time. I have a valid reason. I am working for a startup. This is the second startup I’m working for and I can safely put up this post.

Here are the things you have to forget when you’re working in a startup:
1. Ego: There’s no such thing as an ego in a startup. People will not recognize your company. The neighbor who shows off about the fortune 500 MNC he works for has won hands down! When you call people on behalf of your company, be prepared to the following reaction: ‘What?!?! What company is that?’ If you deal with college students (especially the snooty variety) be ready to be insulted, rejected and treated with malice. Sometimes people you’ve hired will act like your bosses and throw around attitude. Bear with it and don’t forget to flash that smile. You NEED them!

2. ‘Me’ time: The moment you signed the contract, you sold your soul. Your time is no more your time. You’ve got to bear with your phone tinkling at 2 am, you’ve got to answer it because the world might be coming to an end and you have to sound cordial if not chirpy.

3. Sleep: When you’re in your bed trying to dream of the hot eye-candy you’ve been noticing on a random hoarding on the way to work (that’s your only hope for bird watching!), you remember that you should have sent out another reminder for the upcoming deadline. You manage that with your fancy GPRS and then doze off. But no you must not sleep. When you’re not at work, you have to think about work. Panic attacks, nightmares about files lost and more will keep you away from your beauty sleep.

4. Social life: First up, there’s no time to dress up and all that. Secondly, if you’re working as hard as you are, you have to get some rest! Don’t forget that you’ve got to be at work mentally when you’re not there physically. And the rest of your day is for sleeping(refer to clause 3)

5. Pessimism: Even if you have a slim chance of completing the stuff by the stipulated deadline, you must truly believe that you will finish your work and do a stellar job. Remember, positive attitude can move mountains (so can begging, pleading and sticking to clause 1!)

6. Boredom: It’s hectic, it’s chaotic but you’ve got to love it. With so much to do you better love your job. You can’t survive the crazy chaos if you’ve not got the passion!

Rocking and rolling

On a lazy Saturday morning, I settle down with the latest issue of the Rolling Stone magazine (the Indian edition). The first thing that has me going wow, is the Royal Enfield advertisement. It’s not an advert; it’s a style statement. I am hooked to the magazine and as I turn a few pages start feeling the restlessness, so much so that I tear myself away from the magazine because I can’t handle the restlessness. I have an itch to listen to Dylan, when I do, I want to write something- it’s like a restlessness set off by an addiction.

I have decided that my new aim is to one day work for this magazine. Not that I hate my job right now, but I think for me to be a writer for the Rolling Stone magazine would be the ULTIMATE job. I enjoy the restlessness, because it inspires me to do something. Nothing definitive, but it sends me on this trip to create. It sensitizes me in a very vague manner. So to cut a long story short, it gives my creative drive a damn good boost.

This is the effect of reading about music. I tried learning to make music, but I figured I am a better listener than a player. But, there’s no denying that I have a deep connect with music, any music.

If I ever end up working for the Rolling Stone magazine, I figure that it would the ultimate inspiration high ever. I could be wrong but to me, it wouldn’t be just a job. It would be a dream statement, it would be my raison d’etre.

You wanna know why? Read this email I sent to my Dad while I was in the UK:

All’s well in the The Stones’ land! Trying not to miss the city of blinding lights but I can’t live with or without it… I’ve got to find my stairway to heaven and I can’t get no satisfaction but I am also aware that you can’t always get what you want, and you do get stuck in a moment that you can’t get out of… but then you find the answer and it is blowing in the wind…

PS: I applied to the magazine when I heard it was launching in India… I didn’t get it. I don’t know why. But I still hope and I still aspire… After all the Stones said that you can’t always get what you want, but you try sometimes…