A Complicated Status

‘Did you check facebook? She’s now listed as single!’

‘Oh I want to know what their scene is. Apparently both of them changed their status to ‘in a relationship’ at the same effin time!’

‘So am I allowed to hit on him if his status message is ‘it’s complicated’?’

Yeah, the above statements are extremely common in most conversations. Facebook is the fastest way of documenting your life and making sure your friends know what really is up with you. It’s probably a good thing according to Ms. PiWi. ‘We knew this couple from college who were so into each other, we knew they’d make it. When I bumped into the guy recently, it was natural for me to ask him about how girl was doing. And he just said they broke up and it was so damn awkward!!’ Ms.PiWi is sure that had he changed his status on FB and had she seen it, this incident would have been avoided! 

Well the relationship status also comes as a life saver when you are fishing for a prospective boy/girlfriend. Says a keen observer, ‘My friend liked a guy at work, they flirted a lot and all until one day she googled him and found his profile on facebook. He was in a relationship and my friend just withdrew from all the flirting.’ Of course, there’s another question that remains unanswered by the relationship status on FB. If someone’s relationship status is ‘It’s complicated’, what does that mean? Is this person in a relationship or out? If they are making it public that it’s complicated have they broken up? If they haven’t said they are single, re they still into the person?

According to some that status comes up when you’re in a place where you’re unsure whether you want in or out of a relationship. Some said that it was that confused stage that comes right before you start or end a relationship.

Basically, it’s complicated when you and the concerned person hit troubled waters. My take is, if your relationship is in trouble, you stay in and work it out or you opt out and choose not to work it out. I can’t understand why there’s the need to have that grey area. Anyway, a relationship status is something meant for the external world, so what are you conveying by putting the trouble in your love life out there, open to public? “I’ve never specified my status on Facebook. I don’t think it’s the kind of information I’d like to give out to all and sundry,” says AB. However, he thinks that people might change their status to ‘It’s complicated’ just to let people know that they are not comfortable talking about their relationship.  

The awkwardness could be because of trouble or uncertainty, that varies case to case. 

It’s not just trouble. It could be lack of clarity, problems that come with long distance, confusion about your or the partners’ feelings, a big decision looming or anything!’ says Mr. Bachna Ae Haseeno, who so far has been brining to my notice a fresh perspective on facebook relationship statuses. He further explains, ‘Assuming the person is a regular on facebook, you need to understand how often their relationship status changes. If it changes a bit too often, assume it is purely for attention.’ That makes me wonder, is putting your relationship status out there every time there’s a minor shift in the dynamics of your relationship just a ploy to get more attention from your partner or friends?

‘I have changed my status for the fun of it and nobody but my close friends gave a shit about it,’ says Mr.Shady. I myself have seen people suddenly ‘married’ or ‘in a relationship’ for the fun of it and I don’t bother commenting, so I understand Shady’s take on it. But Kris thinks a change in a relationship status creates too much chaos. He was in a complicated place for a year but didn’t bother budging from single to avoid the drama. I agree, the last thing you need in addition to your complications are dramatic responses to your status change.

Moral of the story: Think before you take the leap, but think thrice before you change your status.


25 Random Things About Me

I know its not that interesting, but yeah, I wrote it for FB so might as well put it up right here!

1. I’m addicted to my phone. I can spend hours doing stuff on it. Lock me in a room; leave me my charger and the phone. I will be happy!
2. I love tweeting. According to some people it may even be an addiction. Discussions about twitter happen over the phone even!
3. I’m a foodie who is paranoid about gaining weight. More a reason for you to believe what an eccentric idiot I am!
4. I have written a novel. Yes a full length novel. It is a love story
5. I’ve been working since I’m 17! My first job was for Akashvani. I have been a radio presenter, gossip writer, journalist, food critic and lots more.
6. London and Paris are my favourite cities in the world and I long to see New York. I have seen the most good looking people in Barcelona, Spain!
7. I’m very close to my friends. I would collapse without them. I absolutely adore my sister. Back during my school days, I had barely any friends and never got along with the sister. Strange but true!
8. I used to go up to Mannat every year, on 1st Nov and wait for midnight to sing happy birthday to Shahrukh Khan. One time I saw him even and I nearly fainted. Another time I tripped and fell into his lap at a popular award function. I am not telling you anymore stories!
9. I sometimes feel I am a guy. I can understand guys much better than girls and boast of a ton of guy friends. I still love pink!
10. I just can’t be myself around a guy I’m crushing on. I get tongue tied, say something stupid and go completely red in the face!
11. I’m always struggling for time, even though I’m paranoid and leave well in advance. I will always be just in the nick of the time for the movie.
12. I wear makeup and dress like a chic every time I m depressed… So if I’m all dolled up, you know you need to hug me.
13. Alcohol tolerance level is super low and post alcohol energy levels are super high
14. I love listening to music on long commutes and imagining my own original version of the music video. Keeps me entertained!
15. I clearly love talking/writing about myself! I used to love talking to myself too…
16. I can never take a compliment. I always make an excuse for how the compliment might be untrue.
17. I love all kinds of films, most genres of music, and fiction reads. I like the good things in life and want to be paid for writing about them things! Too ambitious?
18. I’m very lazy and procrastinate until I’m shaken up by an anxiety attack.
19. I love dancing. I even dance in the car when I think no one’s watching!
20. I cry very easily. Movies, music, TV shows, people, anything can make me cry. I never cried at work until CampusJunkie though!
21. I am very cynical about things and will think up the worst case scenario’s worst case scenario.
22. A hopeless romantic at heart, I refuse to give up on the idea of a mushy love story for myself. Having said that, pt. 21 still comes in the way. That’s when I watch mushy movies.
23. I really believe 25 is a large number and even I can’t find anything to write.
24. I m very restless, and hence now I need to walk!
25. You can’t force me to write! Berges asked me to write this about 2 weeks back… So yeah!
Anything anyone else wants to add?