Plathish Thoughts

A dream, a scent, an idea and emotion
Every night I scribbled with complete devotion
Your eyes your smile,
Even the slightest of your reaction…
I would sit and wait and watch,
Waiting for you to materialize
You stayed on paper, locked in a diary
Smiling as I painfully realized
Yes you were my imagination
But mine you were and I was yours
The wheels were set in motion!

Reminds me of Sylvia Plath’s ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ that we used in a film a while back…

I shut my eyes and the world drops dead,

I think I made you up inside my head…


Magic 8 ball

When you’re stuck in traffic or at a doctor’s waiting room, time just refuses to pass. It is at such times that I get tempted to play games on me mobile. The latest app on my iPhone is the magic ball app. Any question, a slight shake and voilà! The app has an answer. It’s perfect for a girl like me. Don’t believe me, ask my best friend. Pannu should I wear the white top or the maroon one? Does the maroon make me look fat? Should I eat an ice cream? Or maybe I want that jalebi?
She patiently hears me out but am sure that she will love the magic 8 ball for reducing her question load. So I started:
Me: am I going to be a rocking writer?
Ball: signs point to yes
Me: will I make a lot of money
Ball: better not to tell you now
Me: am I going to end up living abroad
Ball: reply hazy try later
Me: then am I going to be in India?
Ball: it is decidedly so
Me: are you confusing me?
Ball: maybe
Me: go to hell!
Ball: most likely
Me: do you even know where hell is?
Ball: my sources say no
Me: you are an idiot!
Ball: signs point to yes
Me: I rock
Ball: definitely
Me: ok I am done
Ball: reply hazy try later
So there, I am asking questions, arguing and spendib my free time with a stupid application on my phone. It sounds like a relationship, no?

You may say I’m a dreamer!

The Indian news channels couldn’t stop carrying animated reports of how the big bang experiment by CERN in Switzerland is going to lead to the end of the world. Yes, the reports were complete with deadly music strumming in the background. Of course, my mum and me couldn’t stop laughing at all the possibilities of good that come out of this big bang thing killing the world.

So I had a few things on my mind as I traveled to work today. This was my to-do list before 2 pm IST when we would all start gravitating towards Switzerland!

  1. Eat all the forbidden food that’s on my favourite list without worrying about the weight I’d put on
  2. Say the things I’ve left unsaid for the sake of social decorum to all nosey relatives, pesky colleagues, brattish bosses and the snooty friends I have had. I have the right to let them know how I felt (I rarely suppress these urges but if I were to let go completely, God help them)
  3. Create a memory capsule that can survive everything and leave my novel in it. Whoever comes looking deserves to enjoy the masterpiece I created (my last hope for surviving after my exit from the universe.
  4. Admit to loving Shah RUkh Khan just as much as I did back in 1998
  5. I’d like to confess to Mom that I haven’t been the good girl she thinks I am. I have taken a drag of a cigarette, tasted alcohol and seen porn. I am not addicted to these but I have tried it Mum, and I am not sorry I did.
  6. Scream from the roof of my terrace
  7. Buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks and strut in them all day. Who cares about savings anyway!
  8. Try and enter the terrace and blast the building manager for accusing us of suicidal tendencies.

Just realised that this list won’t end soon! Anyway, I also relaised that if we all were to be erased it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Think about it. The Big Bang is successful but it destroys us all. But the process of generating life has started. The living things coming into existence through this cycle go through their own share of struggle.

They’d walk small distances, eat only what they grow.

There’d be no food crisis.

There’d be no energy problems.

There’d be no global warming.

There’d be a straightforward relationship between people. No treachery, no vested interests.

There’d be no religion.

There’d be no borders.

No countries to fight with.

No oil, no water to fight over.

There’d be no pressure to succeed in material things.

Surviving the day would be equated with success.

Ah! I think it would be a realisation of John Lennon’s Imagination!

Freewriting a dream

The dream keeps coming… And you’re in it. You talk to me and I hear your voice. It sounds familiar but I hear it differently. Taking in the slight modulations, the way you twist certain words around. I look at your face, it looks familiar but I look at you like I’ve never done before. Observing the contours of your cheeks, the softness of your mouth and slightly creased skin next to your eyes. You take me away somewhere, within the dream. I try to tell myself to wake up. I don’t want to hear it, but I can’t resist indulging in your existence in my dream- so clear, so tender… I’ve never looked at you this way before. You talk and you talk and I listen. I finally wake up. All alone, no beach in sight, no you in sight. I wake up alone. I sit a moment and take in the feeling of that dream. Cozy, comforting, warm… And then I realize, I am never going to look at you the same way again. My mind has played the game… You’re right there… You don’t even know you came visiting in my dreams. You don’t even know, you held my hand. You don’t even know, you touched my heart in that one dream. It’s all my imagination, but you, you are real. Or are you?

Some Girls

Some girls just don’t give up
Some girls never try,
But I never give up on trying…

Some girls wait for luck to strike,
Some girls do things their way,
I do things my way until luck strikes.

Some girls just seem romantic,
Some girls way too practical,
But I think I am romantically practical.

Some girls are so sane,
And some are just so insane.
But I choose to be sanely insane.

Some girls are way too modern
And some just way too conventional…
Look at me; I am conventionally modern.

Some girls want a prince charming,
Some girls just want a special guy.
Yeah! I am looking for a special prince charming.

I am not like some girls,
And yet I am like some girls.
But I don’t consider myself special.
Because to be ordinary is so very special!