Cycle Allowed Nai Hai! WTF

I have been a High Street Phoenix loyalist forever. Shopping, eating, timepassing was all done there. And when PVR opened there, despite the high price, I started watching movies there. The fact that it’s a 10 minute drive from my office was cherry on the cake. But not anymore.

I love the environment and my body as much as I Love shopping and watching movies. I cycle to work every day and yesterday, I was stopped by the guard at High Street Phoenix. ‘cycle allowed nahi hai!’
I mean what? If you don’t allow two wheelers, I can understand, but if you allow motorcycles and scooters, you must by all means allow cycles. Why discrimination? I am waiting to get in touch with the managers at High Street Phoenix to find out why this discrimination!

I will give up High street Phoenix but not my cycle. There.